Working Group on Women

The ISfTeH is very supportive as to integrate more women in the board and in the ambassadors’ programme.

New members (female and male) who are interested in eHealth and Telemedicine are welcome to register at ISfTeH and join the group WoW

The WoW website will display regular information, articles, success stories and interviews of women and girls from various origins and sources.


Our objective is to catalyse the interest of the ISfTeH members on gender issues in eHealth and telemedicine. Yet, gender balance is not common in this area, in healthcare facilities, IT industry, engineering companies, telecom and internet providers. One of the recommendations of the Women and eHealth session indicates that education for girls and women in IT and engineering is the key to ensure better gender balance in the future.

The WoW will also contribute to motivate organizers of international events in eHealth and Telemedicine, publishers, scientific editors to ensure that women are equally represented.